Admissions and Enrollment
Advance your admissions process to grow the number of students you enroll at a lower cost.

We believe that education is a personal and important choice. That's why our advisors are highly skilled, pleasant and available to assist and inform prospective students for appropriate guidance and direction.

Challenges we resolve:

  • Lack of 24x7x365 support for inbound student Inquiries
  • Latency in responding to student email/chat Inquiries
  • Your staff is juggling between outreach, lead qualification and application processing
  • Not enough leads coming through the door

Our Solution:

  • 24x7x365 Inbound support – To attend daily inflow of prospective and returning student inquiries
  • Quick Response to email/chat Inquiries
  • Lead Generation - Connecting students with advisors through proactive outreach
Reduce cost
per lead
Increase in
student acquisition

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